Why We Translate?

Helping People Gain Knowledge Through Free Translation Assistance

The internet is a wonderful thing, it gives everyone access to unlimited information and vast ways to learn about the world around us. Unfortunately, because of language barriers, some of this unlimited information is limited and not accessible to everyone. Imagine having a desire to read or learn something but be unable to do so because you have no one to translate the content!

Normally translation services are not free, but many cannot afford to hire someone to translate information at a cost. We are working to change this. We offer free translation service to those who need it. Our team will provide free translation service to anyone who require.

Armed with a desire and belief in helping people all over the world has spurred us on to expanding that desire. For years now, people our team have selflessly volunteered to help in various enterprises around the world. Whether it’s helping orphanages in Indonesia, enabling free enterprise workshops for students in Denmark, to raising funds for medical devices for community use, this compassionate team has a yearning to help others.

Why do we do it?

Having built some very successful online startups has given them enormous gratefulness to the Internet community for all of the opportunities. We know we would not have come as far as we have were it not for the power of the Internet. This gratitude has inspired us to expand their volunteering activities to the online world.

Every member of our team donates three hours a week to support online initiatives, it’s a real way of being able to give back to those who we feel owe so much to. We are an international team, fluent in 15 languages combined between us. Providing help in translating online content at no cost. By translating content it then becomes available to more people around the world.

What do we get out of it?

Financially, nothing! We get immense satisfaction knowing we are helping those, who may not otherwise be able to, gain access to knowledge, education, or have the ability to learn new skills. Knowledge is a powerful thing, it is the one thing that can bring true change to those who have unlimited access to it and that is the bottom line behind our desire to give back to others at no financial gain for themselves.

Meet The Team

Karthik Reddy, Founder Decoded Butter
Juraj Rehorovsky, Translates from English to Slovak
Ivanka Skakun, Translates from English to Russian & Ukrainian
Julia Duong, Translated from English to Vietnamese